A Challenge for Believing in Change

I previously posted this on my Facebook account, and just wanted to share it with a broader community. I think it’s relevant 2014 when there may be a lot of uncertainty with people developing an apathetic outlook on things that they actually have a say in. We CAN do something, and it’s our duty to shape the world and community we live in, NOT shut ourselves off from it or say that it doesn’t matter anymore. Change is coming, and often we view that change as good or bad… Why not do something about it?

The following post was in response to this article: http://huff.to/17gX7xy

Now that we know this, what can we do in 2014?

Maybe professors should teach less from “textbooks”, and more from other sources like online media, database articles/journal articles, and other books that you can buy at lower cost. Maybe professors should come up with open sourced (peer reviewed) textbooks that all academic institutions can use, and constantly drive the market that way. It’s definitely more work on the part of the professor, but it’s well worth it. It adds a dimension to the class, but it also makes the class more enjoyable for students.

But why should only professors drive this change? Could the student body do something? Could we as students form more study groups to go over material? Could we donate our books to the library/give them away as part of a scholarship to those students that need them? Could we encourage college libraries to expand their collections to include multiple copies of the same textbook, donated by students? Could we do more than complain, write letters to the publishing companies, and stop buying textbooks?

In this new year I CHALLENGE EVERYONE to think BEYOND solutions that just affect themselves and look for solutions that can make REAL CHANGE, go to the root of the problem, look for solutions that help others, and continue to care.


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