Movie Watch 2015: Seven Days

The penultimate movie that I will be looking forward to is the live action film version of the Seven Days manga series by Venio Tachibana and Rihito Takarai. Takeshi Yokoi is directing the film.

I’m going to try to write a separate blog post about this movie, because it’s one of the few movies this summer that I have a personal connection with.

According to Anime News Network: “The original story follows Yuzuru, a disillusioned senior who asks the school’s most infamous student, Tōji, out as a half-hearted joke. The rumor goes that Tōji will earnestly date the first person to ask him out at the beginning of the week. But Tōji takes him seriously, and Yuzuru goes along with it, expecting it to be like the rest – a relationship begun on a Monday, and abruptly ended by the following Sunday. What he doesn’t expect is the romantic feelings that start to emerge.

The first film, titled Seven Days: MONDAY→THURSDAY, will premiere on June 6. The second film, titled Seven Days: FRIDAY→SUNDAY, will premiere on July 4. Both films will open in Humax Cinemas in Tokyo, followed by other theaters in Japan.”


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