Ireland could make history this week. Same-sex marriage is legal in about 17 countries around the world. In all of those countries, the decision was made by the legislature or the courts. Ireland appears poised to become the first country to legalize same-sex marriage through a national popular vote set for Friday.

In Dublin, it is impossible to miss the debate. Nearly every lamppost carries a big poster, or several.

“YES: Equality for everybody,” reads one showing a diverse group of smiling people.

“NO: Children deserve a mother and father,” reads another, showing a pair of doting parents kissing a baby’s cheeks.

“It’s all anyone’s talking about,” says Christine Dilworth as she smokes a cigarette on the patio of a gay club in Dublin. “I have not had a conversation with a stranger over the last month that has not been about marriage equality.”

Conservative, Catholic Ireland Votes On Same-Sex Marriage

Photo credits: (top) Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images and Rich Preston/NPR


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