Today we had someone come over to install the RG-6 cable needed for our upgrade to Comcast high speed internet. As my room is where the modem and router are located, I had to temporarily move the stuff on that side of the room to the other side of my room, so that the installer could access the wall. Since I didn’t know whether moving my bookcase would make it easier to install the cable, I decide to sort out and reorganize my books at the same time!

Before, my bookshelf was largely arranged by subject. The first two shelves contained books related to classes I took at Seattle U, while the third shelf was a mix of oversize books, Chinese language textbooks, fiction, and spirituality. As for the fourth shelf, it’s probably the most organized, and most used of the six shelves. It has all my trade-paperback-sized, science fiction books!

What does it look like now?… Well click the photos above for a tour and explanation of how I decided to re-organize some of my books!

PS. The space in between the books by Gerald Durrell and Thornton Wilder is taken up by my “souvenir/event programs” consisting of various film festival film guides and other festival guides 🙂


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