Troop 103 Eagles’ Nest

Eagles Nest Portfolio  About

In redesigning the Troop 103 Eagles’ Nest, I wanted to move from webpage that used a table to list the troop’s eagle scouts to a design that reflected the individual character of each of the Troop’s 41 eagle scouts.

WordPress’ Spun theme allowed me the flexibility to chronologically display each eagle scout by their Eagle Court of Honor picture, provided by Bob Mitscha and Ed Prophet; yet at the same time show their names on a mouse over. Clicking an eagle scout redirects the visitor to a page that shows his Eagle Board of Review date, Eagle Court of Honor date, merit badges earned, and eagle palms earned.

At the same time, I wanted to display those eagle scouts who have yet to hold an Eagle Court of Honor (and therefore take their Eagle Court of Honor picture) in a pleasing style and maintain the site with relative ease.

Map   Advisors

This site also includes information that was collected into the Troop 103 “Life to Eagle Guide” before, information that has since been updated, as well as examples of each of the Eagle Scout’s service projects, and a group photo of Troop 103’s current eagle advisors.

In the future I hope to add photos and a short description of each project, as well as advice that will help Troop 103 life scouts to complete their Eagle Project and eventually earn Eagle.


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